Angel Script Car Prototype

Car prototype i created as a introduction into Angel Script, created over the course of a week.


I wanted the car to have great suspension to be able to traverse terrain without any major struggle to allow for more forgiving level design. Also it looks cool.


When the player jumps a big jump the camera will be stop following the rotation of the car to allow the player to perform aerial tricks without being disoriented.

Aerial Control

When the player is airborne the he can press the drift button to change which axises the car is spinning around to allow for great aerial performances with a small clean control scheme.


The player can press the drift button while driving to initiate drift mode. When drift mode is active the car loses grip as well as gaining more rotational speed to allow skilled players to take corners more effectively.


The can player boost to gain a massive increase in speed.


To increase the feeling of speed from the boost i added a fov increase on boosting as well as adding a radial blur. To test communication between angel script and blueprint i created the camera fov lerp with a timeline with blueprints and then used event dispatchers to call it from AS.

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